Intuitive Invironments (Bellingham Feng Shui) offers practical, functional and efficient methods of placement, organization and redesign to any home or business.

Utilizing Instinctive Feng Shui
and accessing the wisdom of the body, building and land we can create a space that addresses the specific needs of you, your family and/or business.

Interior Alignment® Feng Shui is a system that acknowledges the wisdom of traditional feng shui and space clearing, but has at its core the belief that each person—in their essence—instinctively knows what is best for their environment and their life.

Our homes hold the energy matrix of our thinking and behavior as well as their own historical imprint and that of the land. 

In these unprecedented times of change on this planet it is essential that our living and working spaces support and optimize our well-being.I also know how challenging this can be when you live in an area that does not honor the natural world, but only sees ways to control and poison it. Together we can explore this challenging issue.